Verbes irréguliers

page des dictionnaires
InfinitifPrétéritPart. PasséTraduction française
to abideabodeabodedemeurer
to arisearosearisen(se) lever
to awakeawokeawoken(se) réveiller
to bewas/werebeenêtre
to bearboreborn, bornesupporter
to beatbeatbeatenbattre
to becomebecamebecomedevenir
to befallbefell befallen arriver à
to begetbegotbegottenengendrer
to beginbeganbeguncommencer
to beholdbeheld beheldcontempler
to bendbentbent(se) courber
to bereavebereftbereftpriver
to beseechbesoughtbesoughtsupplier
to bespeakbespokebespokencommander, retenir
to betbetbetparier
to bidbidbidoffrir (un prix), ordonner
to bind boundboundlier, relier
to bitebitbittenmordre
to bleedbledbledsaigner
to blowblewblownsouffler
to breakbrokebrokencasser
to breedbredbredélever (du bétail)
to bring broughtbroughtapporter
to broadcastbroadcastbroadcastdiffuser (une émission)
to buildbuiltbuiltconstruire
to burnburntburntbrûler
to burstburstburstéclater
to buyboughtboughtacheter
to castcastcastjeter
to catchcaughtcaughtattraper
to chidechidchiddengronder
to choosechosechosenchoisir
to cleaveclove, cleftcloven, cleftfendre
to cling clungclung s'accrocher
to clothe cladcladvêtir
to comecamecomevenir
to costcostcostcoûter
to creep creptcreptramper
to crowcrewcrowedchanter (coq)
to cutcutcutcouper
to daredared, durstdaredoser
to dealdealtdealtdistribuer
to digdug dugcreuser
to divedovedivedplonger
to dodiddonefaire
to drawdrewdrawndessiner
to dreamdreamtdreamtrêver
to drinkdrankdrunkboire
to drivedrovedrivenconduire
to dwelldwelt dwelthabiter
to eatateeatenmanger
to fallfell fallentomber
to feedfed fednourrir
to feelfeltfeltsentir, éprouver
to fightfoughtfoughtcombattre
to findfoundfound trouver
to fleefledfleds'enfuir
to flingflungflungjeter violemment
to flyflewflownvoler
to forbearforboreforbornes'abstenir
to forbidforbadeforbiddeninterdire
to forecastforecastforecastprédire
to forgetforgotforgottenoublier
to forgiveforgaveforgivenpardonner
to forsakeforsookforsakenabandonner
to freezefroze frozengeler
to getgotgot, (gotten usa)obtenir
to gildgiltgiltdorer
to girdgirtgirtceindre
to givegavegivendonner
to gowentgone aller
to grindgroundgroundmoudre
to growgrewgrowngrandir
to hanghangedhangedpendre (supplice)
to hang hunghungsuspendre, accrocher
to havehadhadavoir
to hearheardheard entendre
to heavehove hovese soulever
to hewhewedhewntailler
to hidehidhid, hidden (se) cacher
to hithithitfrapper, atteindre
to holdheld heldtenir
to hurthurthurtblesser
to keepkeptkeptgarder
to kneelknelt knelts'agenouiller
to knitknitknittricoter
to know knew knownsavoir, connaître
to ladeladed ladencharger
to lay laidlaidposer à plat
to lead ledled mener
to lean leant leant s'appuyer, se pencher
to leap leaptleaptsauter
to learn learntlearntapprendre
to leave leftleftlaisser, quitter
to lend lentlent prêter
to letletlet permettre, louer
to lie laylain être étendu
to lightlit litallumer
to loselost lost perdre
to makemade made faire, fabriquer
to meanmeantmeantsignifier
to meetmetmet(se) rencontrer
to melt meltedmelted, molten fondre
to mistake mistook mistakense tromper
to mowmowedmownfaucher
to paypaidpaidpayer
to putput putmettre
to quitquitquitcesser (de), quitter
to readreadreadlire
to rendrentrentdéchirer
to ridridriddébarrasser
to rideroderiddenchevaucher
to ringrangrung sonner
to riseroserisens'élever, se lever
to runranruncourir
to sawsawedsawn scier
to saysaidsaiddire
to seesawseenvoir
to seeksoughtsoughtchercher
to seethesodsoddenbouillir
to sellsoldsoldvendre
to sendsentsentenvoyer
to setsetsetfixer
to sewsewedsewn coudre
to shakeshookshakensecouer
to shearshearedshorntondre (des moutons)
to shedshedshedverser (des larmes)
to shineshoneshonebriller
to shoeshodshodferrer, chausser
to shootshotshottirer
to showshowedshownmontrer
to shredshredshredlacérer
to shrinkshrankshrunkrétrécir
to shriveshroveshriven confesser
to shutshutshutfermer
to singsangsungchanter
to sinksanksunkcouler
to sitsatsatêtre assis
to slayslewslainmassacrer
to sleepsleptsleptdormir
to slideslidslidglisser
to slingslungslunglancer (avec force)
to slinkslunkslunk aller furtivement
to slitslitslitfendre, inciser
to smellsmeltsmeltsentir (odorat)
to smitesmotesmittenfrapper
to sowsowedsownsemer
to speakspokespokenparler
to speedspedspedaller à toute vitesse
to spellspeltspeltépeler
to spendspentspentdépenser
to spillspiltspiltrenverser, répandre
to spinspun, spanspun filer, tourner
to spitspat, spit spat, spitcracher
to splitsplitsplitfendre (en éclat)
to spoilspoiltspoiltgâcher, gâter
to spreadspread spreadrépandre
to springsprangsprung s'élancer, bondir
to standstoodstood être debout
to stealstolestolenvoler, dérober
to stickstuckstuckcoller
to stingstungstungpiquer
to stinkstankstunkpuer
to strewstrewedstrewnjoncher
to stridestrodestriddenmarcher à grands pas
to strikestruckstruckfrapper
to stringstrungstrungenfiler, tendre (une corde)
to strivestrovestrivens'efforcer
to swearsworeswornjurer
to sweatsweatsweatsuer
to sweepsweptsweptbalayer
to swellswelled swollenenfler
to swimswamswumnager
to swingswungswungse balancer
to taketook takenprendre
to teachtaughttaught enseigner
to teartoretorndéchirer
to telltold tolddire, raconter
to thinkthought thoughtpenser
to thrivethrovethrivenprospérer
to throwthrewthrownjeter
to thrustthrustthrustenfoncer
to tread trodtrodden fouler aux pieds
to understandunderstood understoodcomprendre
to undoundidundonedéfaire
to upsetupsetupsetrenverser
to wakewokewoken (se) réveiller
to wearworewornporter (des vêtements)
to weavewovewoventisser
to weepweptweptpleurer
to winwonwongagner
to windwoundwoundenrouler
to withdrawwithdrewwithdrawnretirer
to withstandwithstood withstoorésister à
to workworked, wroughtworked, wroughttravailler
to wringwrungwrung tordre
to writewrotewritten écrire